London based graphic designer from Sutton Coldfield, currently completing a masters degree in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art.
The foundation of his practice was born from interests in multi-sensory design, digital aesthetics, visual identity, installation, website design and typography. These projects aim to reach new audiences with clarity and precision, removing noise to add value. He works closely with a network of fellow independent collaborators in various creative fields.

◦  +44 07796 524 289
◦  @jakepardoe

Exhibitions and Events

  Graduate Show, Royal College of Art (06.2019)
  The Typographic Singularity (04.2019)
  Common Market (03.2019)
  New Genres Lecture Series (02.2019)
  WIP Show, Royal College of Art (02.2019)
  Research Design Publish (04.2018)
  The Typographic Singularity (03.2018)
  WIP Show, Royal College of Art (02.2018)
  New Designers (07.2013)

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